Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lam. 3:40 Let us test and examine our ways.

Lam. 3:40  Instead, let us test and examine our ways.  Let us turn again in repentance to the LORD.

Today I challenge you to take this verse literally.  I challenge you to examine your ways.  What do you do daily in your life outside your home, in your home?  Do you intentionally line yourself up to the Word of God to the best of your ability?  Do you consider it important to live by Biblical guidelines or not?  How does your actual doings line up with your believing? 

Do you think others would think the same way about you that you do?  When was the last time you asked your spouse, children, friends, or co-workers what they thought about how you are living out your faith?  Most of us have never actually sought out the observations of others.  We are either afraid of what we may hear or too proud to put ourselves out there for examination.  Of course, we should be even more concerned about how God would evaluate our living in light of His Word.

Upon careful examination, if you know that you have much to be desired as a child of God, turn to the Lord and repent of your sins while it is on your mind and heart.  Do not let pride stand in your way.  It is okay to not be okay with the Lord.  No one is spiritually perfect.  No one always gets it right.  We all fall short of God’s standards and need to repent.  To never repent of your sins is the worst thing you can do.  Sin left unattended to hardens the soul and if enough sins accumulate, God no longer has a hold on you.  You can neglect your soul’s need for repentance and get to the point where God no longer is a part of your living. 

Don’t be foolish and let sin hang around.  Confess your sin before God, ask for His forgiveness and make a commitment that you will strive to not repeat your sin with His help.  Keeping the soul free from sin to the best of our ability is the soul’s salvation security.  It is the pure in heart who will make it to heaven.  God commands us to be holy and He means it. 

Is your heart right with God today?

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