Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ezek. 13:1-3 We must preach and teach only the Word of God.

Ezek. 13:1-3 Then this message came to me from the LORD: “Son of man, speak against the false prophets of Israel who are inventing their own prophecies. Tell them to listen to the word of the LORD.  This is what the Sovereign LORD says. ‘Destruction is certain for the false prophets who are following their own imaginations and have seen nothing at all!’”

Ezekiel was told to speak out against those false prophets of Israel who were inventing their own prophecies.  We need to do the same thing today.  We need to speak out against those who are preaching and teaching another Gospel.  I am not speaking about the non-essential differences of doctrine in the church today, but those who blatantly promote other ways to heaven.  There are many who pervert the Gospel message to promote their own agendas and ideas.  There are those who endeavor to justify sin by declaring that what they do is not sin.  There are many who pick apart the Bible and declare it outdated and no longer relevant to our lives.  There are those who take things out of the context in which they are written in order to make it say what they want it to say.

We have a mandate to speak out against these false prophets and stand clearly on what God declares is truth.  We must preach and teach only the Word of God.  We must not cater to those who do not accept Biblical truth as being truth.  We are to not listen to their rhetoric or have fellowship with them.  It is our mandate to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of God’s Word.  We must protect our pulpits and never let false prophets have access to them.

Destruction is certain for all who would promote another Gospel message or who would distort it.  We must warn them of what is to come for them if they don’t repent.  We must as well guard our hearts and minds so that we don’t get caught up into their untruth.  We must diligently study God’s Word so that we will know the truth.  The eternal destiny of our souls is at stake.

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