Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ezek. 18:25-28 God lets us choose whom we will serve.

 Ezek. 18:25-28  “Yet you say, ˜The Lord isn’t being just!’ Listen to me, O people of Israel. Am I the one who is unjust, or is it you? When righteous people turn from being good and start doing sinful things, they will die for it. Yes, they will die because of their sinful deeds. And if wicked people turn away from their wickedness, obey the law, and do what is just and right, they will save their lives. They will live, because after thinking it over, they decided to turn from their sins. Such people will not die.”

It is very simple really.  God lets us choose whom we will serve.  If we choose to not live in His righteousness, we will pay the price for it.  If we choose to live righteously, we will be rewarded for it.  We cannot live on past laurels and think that it’s good enough.  It is how we are living now that matters to God.  Judgment will be made on how we are living when we die.

It is possible for righteous people to get caught up in sin and reject God in their lives.  And it is possible for sinners to reject their sins and turn to God.  No matter how we may think about it, God does not change his mind about sin.  It is an abomination to Him and must be punished.

I believe that sometimes our concept of eternal security can become a false security.  Salvation does not give us a license to sin.  We are not free in Christ to live contrary to His holiness.  We can never get away with sinful living.  Salvation changes the heart of man so that he no longer can be comfortable with sinning against God.  It moves us to want to please God by resisting the urge to sin against Him. 

Past profession doesn’t always translate into present living.  It behooves us to always be vigilant guards over our souls.  He who sins must repent, change his ways and go and sin no more.  God rewards those who turn from their sins and live in Him.

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