Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ezek. 20:39 Many people have such a low regard for the Lord.

Ezek. 20:39 “As for you, O people of Israel, this is what the Sovereign LORD says.  If you insist, go right ahead and worship your idols, but then don’t turn around and bring your gifts to me.  Such desecration of my holy name must stop!”

Many people have such a low regard for the Lord.  They do not hold Him up in high esteem.  God is treated as one of us.  Many have taken the truth that God is with us to mean that He is one of us.  God may be deemed to be greater than we are, but barely.  Many speak of Him in ways that make Him to be less supreme to us than He actually is.  God as being perfectly holy and worthy of our humility before Him does not captivate most of us.

God is often treated as an extra in our lives.  We give Him attention, but He is not the center of our attention.  We acknowledge His realness and presence, but we don’t invest our lives in Him in such a way that He is Lord over us.  In practice, we devote more time and energy on other things than we do God.  He is not our supreme God.  We allow idols in our lives and give them the place in our lives that God alone deserves.

The Lord says that we must stop putting other things before Him.  He is not pleased with us when we give Him lip service and when we do, He will not acknowledge the time we do give Him.  What we offer to Him is regarded as an insult to Him.  If our hearts are not devoted to Him, the Lord will not tolerate what we do in His name.  We live and worship in vain if God is not supreme in our lives.  God is a jealous god and He says all such things must stop; they are a desecration of His holy name.

How convinced do you think God is when you claim that He is yours and you are His?  He knows your heart and is not fooled by the things that fool us.  If Jesus is not your Lord you are not living a life pleasing and acceptable to God.  He demands our full attention.  We are to love Him with all of our heart, mind and soul.  There is no room for anything less.  We need to stay in constant vigilance over our souls.  We need to examine our hearts to see if Jesus is indeed Lord of them.  If He is not, you need to bow before Him today until He is. 

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