Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Prov. 29:19,21 Everyone needs discipline in life.

Prov. 29:19,21  For a servant, mere words are not enough--discipline is needed.  For the words may be understood, but they are not heeded.  A servant who is pampered from childhood will later become a rebel.

Everyone needs discipline in their life. We need a firm hand on us to keep us motivated to do what is right.  We need encouragement if we are going to come under submission to those over us and obey them.  Left alone most people will choose to do their own thing, whether it is the right or wrong thing to do.  No matter how much understanding we have, if left to ourselves without any discipline, wrong choices will be made.

God knows our nature.  He knows that his Word is not enough to make us obey him.  He knows that there needs to be some authority exercised behind it.  He knows that application of truth is in reality more important than understanding truth.  Therefore, the Lord often will discipline us so that we might serve him faithfully and sincerely.  He loves us and wants to protect us from all that is false and damaging to our souls. 

The most effective form of discipline for God’s children is for us to experience the absence of His presence.  When we make wrong choices and wander into sin, we alienate ourselves from God.  His joy and peace eludes us.  Guily and shame take their place in our hearts.  There is nothing more miserable than to know that we are not right with God. 

God disciplines his children.  He adapts the way he disciplines his children through the uniqueness of each of their lives.  He knows best what we will respond to.  Patiently and lovingly He brings us to our knees in submission to him.  We need God’s involvement.  We need to know that He won’t let us get away with self-destruction. 

Discipline is a good thing.  Let us never shy away from it.

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