Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prov. 26:18-19 Words matter. Truth matters. What you say affects others.

Prov. 26:18-19 Just as damaging as a mad man shooting a lethal weapon is someone who lies to a friend and then says, “I was only joking.”

Words matter.  Truth matters.  What you say affects others.  When lies are spoken about another, great harm is done.  False accusations can forever affect the way others are perceived.  False information can forever affect what a person does or says.  False accusations can forever affect relationships.  No matter how you look at it, lies are bad and should never be spoken.

Lies when found out affect one’s reputation and reliability.  There is no such thing as an insignificant lie.  It affects the soul and when lies are spoken it sets off a progression of sin in the soul.  When truth is compromised, God is not pleased and judges the soul.  It is so easy to lie because it is convenient or self-serving to do so, but it is never appropiate or necessary.  Truth must always be spoken if one is going to have a heart right with God.

If telling the truth would create problems, one must prayerfully consider whether or not it should be told.  Silence is the only acceptable option to not telling the truth.  It is better to not say anything than it is to lie about someone or something.  The truth sometimes hurt, but sometimes it is a good thing to hurt.  Telling the truth is necessary for needed change to take place. 

Telling lies is no joking matter.  It deeply affects one’s standing with God and with others.  Lies cause great harm for all involved.  Speak the truth always.  Only a heart connection with Christ can keep one from telling lies.  Keep the soul in tune with the Lord moves the soul to always want to speak the truth.  No matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel, always speak the truth in love.  It is God’s way.

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