Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Prov. 23:17-18

Prov. 23:17-18  Don’t envy sinners, but always continue to fear the LORD.  For surely you have a future ahead of you; your hope will not be disappointed.

Be honest.  There are people in this world that you know are sinners that you envy.  They rise to prominence in the public arena.  They are leaders in the world and in our churches.  They have achieved things that we only dream about.  They have influence, money and prestige that we would love to have.  We do it, even thought we know we shouldn’t.

Sinners, no matter how they are packaged, are going to hell.  Unless they repent and live in Christ, their future is sealed.  No matter who or what they appear to be now, it will not save them.  We need to remind ourselves of this reality so that we don’t lose sight of that which is important in our lives. 

We must continue to fear the Lord.  We must focus our lives on what we have in Christ and not on what we don’t have in the world.  We must always have a proper awareness and respect for God.  We must keep our lives in line with His life.  Our future is not in what this world may offer us; it’s in what God provides for us in Christ.  Instead of putting people on pedestals they don’t deserve to be on, we should put Christ on the pedestal of our hearts and never let Him off of it.

Fearing the Lord is a process and it is never easy.  Because the Lord is in heaven and we have never seen Him in His glory, we struggle to have a proper respect for who He is.  We must keep our hearts in tune with Him.  There is no other way.  The more in tune with the Lord we are, the more we will respect who He is.  We must never forget or take for granted that our Lord is holy and that He judges us in light of His holy standards.

People will always disappoint us; but Christ never will.  People do stupid things and say stupid things, but Christ never does.  Instead of envying fallen sinners, fix your eyes upon Christ who never fails.  Only the Lord will deliver on His promises.  Trust in Him and your future will be bright and you will never be disappointed.

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