Thursday, August 28, 2014

We can easily fool ourselves.

Prov. 21:2  People may think they are doing what is right, but the LORD examines the heart.

We can easily fool ourselves.  We develop certain perceptions of right and wrong and evaluate ourselves in light of our perceptions.  But, unless our understanding is rooted in God’s Word, what we think may be right may very well be totally wrong.  What is right and wrong is perceived differently by people depending on their upbringing and culture.  What is right in one person’s eyes may be totally wrong in another’s. 

God has clearly set the standard for our understanding.  He leaves no doubt or confusion on how we should live.  He spells out exactly how godly people should act and think.  He makes it clear what happens when we don’t listen to Him.  No matter what we may think, God’s Word is the standard we must live by.  We don’t get to choose what is right and wrong.  God is holy and and He alone determines who is able to be in His presence. 

The wisdom and insight of man is skewed.  We are influenced by our sinful nature.  We fall short of what is right in God’s eyes.  We tend to evaluate rightness in such a way that it is convenient for us.  We tend to not go beyond our comfort zone.  We set standards that we can live with and make us feel good about ourselves.

But, the Lord examines the heart.  He is not influenced by what we think.  He knows whether or not we are living by His standards.  He sees beyond what others see; He sees more than what we see of ourselves.  The Lord is not fooled by the right things we do and say.  He examines the heart and knows the motives that drive us.  He knows whether or not we are sincerely trying to please Him.  He knows whether or not we are striving to live life His way.

Are you comfortable with what God knows about you?  He sees what is in your heart.  He is holding you up to the standards of His Word.  He will hold you accountable for how well you live by His standards.  Can you honestly say that you are living life God’s way today? 

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