Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Discipline is good for the soul.

Prov. 19:18 Discipline your children while there is hope. If you don’t you will ruin their lives.

Discipline is good for the soul. We have a natural tendency to do what is wrong. We are not able to identify wrong behavior without help. We need a guiding and firm hand to show us what is right and hold us accountable for it. We naturally do what is sin and need to be taught that sinful behavior has consequences and is not acceptable or good for our well-being. Sin left unchecked ruins the soul. Its end is an eternity in hell.

Understanding right from wrong is essential for discipline to work.  There can be no gray area on behavioral issues.  Clear guidelines must be communicated so that one’s children will not be confused when discipline is meted out.  Understanding the importance of guiding children on what is right and wrong is essential for the well-being of our children.  Anyone without moral guidance will end up a real mess and burden to society unless the Lord miraculously intervenes. 

In order for discipline to be effective, children must see consistency in the lives of their parents.  They must see their parents practicing what they preach.  Children tend to imitate their parents and if they see their parents living a different life than they are expecting their children to live, there will be very little co-operation and conflict will be the norm.

Discipline flows from a loving heart. It shows that someone loves us enough to help us do what is right. It is essential to healthy and happy living. It is true on a human level and it is true in our relationship with God.

“Thank you, Lord, that you love us so much that you won’t spoil us and let us get away with sin. Thank You that you will do whatever you can to keep us from self-destruction. Thank You for keeping us on track. Lord, don’t let up. We need Your corrective hand. We need You to hold us accountable for our sin. We need Your loving discipline.  We need to know that You indeed  love us and that you take an active interest in our lives.  Lord, forgive us when we resist you; we are prone  to wander from you and we must have your help to keep us on track. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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