Monday, August 25, 2014

The Lord despises double standards.

Prov. 20:23  The Lord dispises double standards; he is not pleased by dishonest scales.

Let us think about this for a moment.  What are double standards?  They are the things we say but don’t do.  They are the things we tell others to do that we don’t do.  They are things we expect out of others but we don’t expect for ourselves.  They are self-serving and God hates these things.

Double standards come from impure hearts.  They come from those who are living under the control of Satan and not God.  They are unstable souls who have no firm foundation in life.  They do not live by absolute truths.  They fit their standards to fit the moment they are in.  They have no qualms about taking advantage of others when it serves their purposes.  They are not honest with others, themselves or God.

The godly are not like that.  Godly people live by God’s absolute standards.  They do not devitate from what they know God would have them do.  They are unshakable when it comes to doing what is right before God, no matter how it may affect their lives.  Godly people are concerned about pleasing God and not man.  They deal honestly with others and treat them with kindness and respect.  They practice what they preach to others.  They are not self-serving and do not take advantage of others for personal gain or comfort.

The Lord knows the standards that govern your life.  He knows what you are doing and why you do them.  Nothing escapes His notice.  Does the Lord hate what you are doing, or is He well-pleased?  He holds you accountable and responsible for the standards you live by.  Do not do things the world’s ways; live by God’s standards.  Only the righteous in heart will see God.

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