Friday, August 15, 2014

Humilty is fertile soil for a healthy soul.

Prov. 18:12  Haughtiness goes before destruction; humility before honor.

Haughtiness is pride.  It is patting one’s self on the back when something noteworthy is accomplished.  It is the sense that I did it, that I am of greater worth because of what I was able to do.  Pride elevates our self-worth in our own eyes, if even for just a moment.  Pride can very easily become self-destructive.  It can cause us to think better of ourselves than we should.  It can cause us to exclude God from the mix.  Pride is more about me than it is about God or others.  It is very hard to keep pride in check and that is why a humble spirit is a much better way to go.

Humility is fertile soil for a healthy soul.  It is an awareness that we owe to the Lord all of our talents and giftedness, and without Him, we can do nothing.  Humility is more about seeking to honor the Lord than self.  It is keeping one’s self in check and letting the Lord worry about the honoring.   Humility is a badge of honor from the Lord that we ought to wear always.  If you please the whole world and do not please God, what have you gained?

How does one go about being humble?  Humility is gained by keeping your relationship with the Lord what it should be.  It is depending on the Lord for all things and recognizing that all things that you are and are able to do is from the Lord.  It is knowing that you are created by God to fill a specific role in life and your ability to do it is because of God’s gifts to you.  Humility is understanding that God owes you nothing and you owe Him everything.  It is understanding that you are chosen by God, redeemed by God, and kept by God alone.  Humble are those who seek God’s honor and glory and not their own.

Watch over your soul carefully.  Be honest about yourself.  When you see pride creeping in, confess it to the Lord.  Do not let it get a foothold in your heart because it can destroy your soul.  In all things seek to honor Christ and resist the temptation to feed off the honor others may bestow on you.  Be gracious when others praise you and redirect their praises to God who alone is worthy to be praised.   

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