Monday, June 2, 2014

True freedom is found in God's Word.

Ps. 119:45-46 I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments. I will speak to kings about your decrees, and I will not be ashamed.

In the Word we have freedom. If we allow it, God's commandments free us from our sinfulness. When we obey God, we are not bound by our self-destructive and harmful ways. We no longer are bent on making ourselves the center of the universe. "Looking out for number one" takes on a new meaning for us. We quickily discover that the more we obey the Lord, the more we want to. Talking about God and His Word becomes our passion and not our shame. We want others to know what God says so that they too may find freedom.

To be devoted to the commandments of God means that we make it a regular habit of our lives to be into God's Word to discover what He says and then we strive to put it into practice. We can never know what God says by staring at the covers of our Bibles. We won't know what God says unless we read the whole counsel of God's Word. There are things to hear from God in every book of the Bible and wise are those who seek them out.

If we are not regularly into the Word, we will become prisoners of sin. We cannot overcome sin without the aid of God. He clearly tells us how we must live. He clearly tells us what is sin. He clearly warns us of the consequences of sin and how we can stay out of its clutches. The more we understand God's commandments, the more desire we will have to not disobey them. There is nothing more liberating than to live life God's way.

When we are in the Word, we have something of value to say. We have something worth sharing with everyone. When the Word has a hold of us, we will not be concerned about who a person may appear to be on the outside; we will be concerned about what he is on the inside. A devotion to God's Word compels us and gives us boldness to be witnesses for Him. We won't be ashamed to be known as a follower of Christ.

Are you walking in the freedom of God's Word today?

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