Thursday, June 12, 2014

Every promise of God has been proven to be trustworthy.

Ps. 119:140 Your promises have been thoroughly tested; that is why I love them so much.

One thing that we have in common with all humanity is that everyone goes through times of life that are not easy. Everyone needs help beyond themselves from time to time. For the believer, we find our greatest source of help from God's Word.

A multitude of saints who have gone before us have had to put God's Word to the test as they struggled through life. There has never been a time in history in which God's people have not needed wise counsel and renewed hope from God. For most who have preceded us, life has been very harsh. People have been harassed and killed for centuries because of their faith. There is not one promise of God that has not been put to the test over the years. And, every promise of God has been proven to be trustworthy.

Everyone who stands on the promises of God knows that they shall not fall. God always does what He says He will do. He never fails to see His children through whatever they may face in life. Over and over again, God's childdren proclaim His faithfulness. When difficulties arise, we don't always recognize the workings of God in our crisis. But as we make it through and look back, we can clearly see the hand of God on our lives. We see that God's promises are trustworthy all the time.

Don't you just love God's promises? There are promises of God to see us through every situation of life. They remind us of a God who cares. They speak of God's ability. They speak of God's desire to be involved in every part of our lives. They speak to our needs today and the life that is still to come. They are rich in wisdom and they guide us through life. Hold them close. Let them govern your heart. Let them captivate you and thrill your soul. Let them hold you steady in the storms of life.

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