Thursday, June 5, 2014

I do not turn away from your law.

Ps. 119:51 The proud hold me in utter contempt, but I do not turn away from your law.

Pride comes before a fall. When pride rules, we become self-focused. We begin to think that we are God. We forget who we are and our place in life. The proud have little or no regard for others. They use others to their advantage with no regard for feelings. What do we do when we find ourselves in the presence of proud people? We stay true to God and his law.

There is the temptation to cower and compromise in order to appease. However, it is never the right thing to do. We must stand firm on truth and never turn away from it. The way of the Lord is always right and we must neer let anyone lead us away from it.

Proud people come across as strong, but the reality is that behind their persona of strength lies a person of insecurity. Proud people do not want to be seen as they really are. They try to cover up who they know themselves to be. They tend to dominate others so they don't have to deal with themselves. They have a need to be looked up to, to be thought more highly of than they ought to be.

Those who live by God's law are a people who know they have nothing to be proud of. Who we are flows from God in us. We are who we are because of what God is doing in us and through us. We owe ourselves and all we do to the gracious hand of God upon us. We depend on Christ for our worth, not ourselves. We understand that apart from Him we are nothing. Living life God's way keeps us humble before both God and man. For the humble in heart, there is no turning away from God's Word; it is our sole blueprint for life.

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