Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wanting more out of your relationship with God.

Neh. 8:13  On October 9 the family leaders and the priests and Levites met with Ezra to go over the law in greater detail.

The spiritual leaders of Israel met privately with Ezra to go over the law in greater detail.  What a wonderful example for us to follow!  It was in their hearts to find out in greater detail how to live by the law they had been given.

This should be the desire of every believer’s heart, especially those who are leaders in their homes and in the church.  Our need to know more about God’s Word should drive us.  We dare not to ever be content with what we know and understand.  Growth can only happen when we have a thirst and hunger for God.

We have a tendency to lose our appetite for more knowledge and understanding.  We get the idea we have it all nailed down and can’t be taught new things.  We get comfortable with what we know and do not want to take the risk of having to change our minds on things.  We become too proud to admit that we continue to have struggles with our understanding.  We are more comfortable coasting our way to heaven than we are exploring deeper and new truths.

If we are not growing in our walk with the Lord, chances are good that we are going away from Him.  The Spirit in us stimulates spiritual growth.  He is not an idle resident of our hearts.  He is always at work to change us, equip us, and empower us for service.  We are called to serve the Lord, not to be bystanders in the Kingdom. 

Ask the Lord to never let your hunger and thirst for more understanding and knowledge grow faint or die.  Ask Him to help you to take advantage of opportunities you have to gain greater understanding.  Ask Him to keep people in your life who can guide you as you search the Scriptures.  And, ask the Lord to help you to be willing to help those the Lord brings into your life.  Ask the Lord to help you and then do something about it.

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