Monday, December 2, 2013

Study, obey, and teach the Word of God.

Ezra 7:10  This was because Ezra had determined to study and obey the law of the LORD and to teach those laws and regulations to the people of the Israel.

Ezra had just arrived safely in Jerusalem.  His journey had not taken too long and he was kept safe from harm on the way.  The reason why the Lord had watched over him is found in today’s verse.

Two things really jump out at us from this verse.  First of all, Ezra had determined to study and obey the law of God.  It is good for us to determine in our hearts and minds to study the Word of God.  We will never have an adequate and correct understanding of it if we don’t study it.  We must be careful how much we rely on others for our understanding because no one has perfect knowledge and their understanding may not be right.  We must examine the Word for ourselves.  It is not enough to just study the Word; we must obey it as well.  All the knowledge and understanding in the world will not help us if we don’t live it.

The other thing we notice in today’s verse is that Ezra did not hoard what he learned from God’s Word.  He determined in his heart that he was going to teach others what he knew.  It was the main reason why Ezra made the journey to Jerusalem.  We too must determine in our hearts to pass on to others what we learn and live.  The desire to teach others comes from a genuine love for them.  If we love one another, we will want to help one another.  Teaching and preaching that flows from love accomplishes much.

If you are a teacher of the Word and you are not motivated by a love for those you teach, I ask that you examine your heart today.  I ask that you take your heart to the Lord and ask Him to give you a love bath.  If you are more duty bound than you are love bound, you are doing more harm than good. 

The Lord holds those who teach to a higher standard.  Teach from a heart of love.  Teach the whole truth of God’s Word regardless of whom you may be teaching.  And, live what you teach.  If you do these things, God will use you to accomplish great things for Him.

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