Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paying Close Attention to God's Word

Neh. 8:3b  All the people paid close attention to the Book of the Law.

All the people paid close attention.  I would have loved to have been the preacher before that group of people!  Seldom does this hold true in our worship services today.  We are easily distracted by the things going on in and outside of us.  We easily lose our focus on what is being said to us.  We fight the battle of distractions and usually lose.

The people paid attention to the Book of the Law.  God’s Word is God speaking to us.  It is of utmost importance to us.  We must pay attention to what God says, eternity is at stake.  When the Word is opened up, it is God speaking to us.  Its message is directly aimed at us.  There are things that we need to hear about us.  There are things God wants us to do that we aren’t doing.  There are things wrong in our souls that need to be dealt with before God.  There are things we need clearer understanding of so we don’t teach false teachings.  We must work hard at paying close attention to the Word before us.

I wonder what would happen in our churches today if all who gathered for worship would pay close attention to the Word.  I wonder what changes would be made in how we live and worship.  I wonder what impact it would have on our relationships with each other in and outside the church.  I wonder if we would actually know that we have been in the presence of God.

Dear friend, pay close attention to God’s Word, whether you are worshiping in public or in private.  Listen to what God is saying to you.  There is a message from God for you whenever you meditate upon His Word if you open up your heart and mind to it.  Study it, meditate upon it, and learn from God what you are to be and do.

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