Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Lord's Day

Lev. 23:3 You may work for six days each week, but on the seventh day all work must come to a complete stop. It is the LORD’s day of complete rest, a holy day to assemble for worship. It must be observed wherever you live.

Has God changed his mind? He declared it from the beginning of time that a day was to be set aside for rest and worship. He commanded the Israelites to keep the day of rest holy unto the Lord. On the Sabbath no work was to be done. None. It was a day of complete rest set apart as holy by God for worship. My point is not that we must be legalistic about the Lord’s Day. What you do on the Lord’s Day is between you and Him. What concerns me is that we so often treat it like any other day of the week. We think nothing of doing on His day what we don’t get done the rest of the week. We often consider it a day to finish up tasks. It is rarely deemed to be a “do nothing” day. If the demands of job and living are such that you can’t devote the day to the Lord in rest and worship, are you setting aside another day of the week to do it?

The discussion as to which day of the week is the day we ought to set aside unto the Lord is for you to decide before Him. Most of the church today sets aside Sunday because it is the day in which Jesus rose from the dead. It is looked upon as a day of celebration, admiration, and dedication to the Lord. There are some who continue to set aside Saturday as the day of worship because that was the day set aside by the Lord in the Old Testament. The day of the week is not the issue. What matters to me is what are you doing about setting aside a day to rest and worship.

The world does not care if you do it or not. It will not stop its mad rush in the pursuit of things that don’t really matter at all instead of what God commands us to do. Only you can make the decision to obey the Lord in this. I believe it’s still true that in our country you still cannot be forced to work on the Lord’s Day if you make it clear that it is because of your spiritual convictions. If your life backs up it up, your motives won’t be questioned, even if it is not liked.

If you disobey God and do not honor him with a day of rest and worship, you will not only hinder, you will damage, your relationship with Him. It is willful disobedience to ignore God’s command to rest and worship; it is sin.

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