Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Power of God

Num. 11:23  Then the Lord said to Moses, “Is there any limit to my power?  Now you will see whether or not my word comes true.”

What do you think, is there any limit to the Lord’s power?  Think about it.  We say the Lord has power to save us.  Does He have power to save everyone?  Is there anyone you know who needs to be saved?  Do you believe the Lord can do it?  Are you asking Him to do it?  Are you trusting Him to do it?  Do you really believe He is going to do it?  Is your faith strong enough to wait for Him to do it?  Either He has the power to do it or He doesn’t.  The Lord will not exercise His power unless it is bathed in prayer.  The Lord wants to use you to reach your unsaved family and friends.  It begins on your knees.

Does the Lord have the power to mend the broken body?  Is there anything broken beyond His power to mend?  Are you believing and trusting Him to do it?  You will never know whether or not God will heal you unless you ask.  Do you first consult your doctors or do you first consult the Lord?  The Lord may know that it is best for you not to be healed, but you will never know that if you don’t turn to Him.  There is no physical, mental or emotional need beyond the power of God to heal you.

Does the Lord have the power to help you in the situation you are in?  Do you really believe that the Lord is greater than your problems?  Are you letting Him deal with them?  How much are you praying in faith over them?  Are you standing firm on the promises of God?  Are you willing to follow His way out of your difficulties?  Are you willing to accept His solutions?  Either He has the power to help you or He doesn’t.  Which is it?

Does the Lord have the power to revive the church and His people?  We all know that there is a tremendous battle going on in the church today.  The church is plagued by complacency and political correctness.  We have compromised the authoritative voice of the Scriptures.  We have lost our zeal for holy living.  Can the tide of the church be changed?  Are we praying and believing that it will change?  Do we really believe the Lord has the power to change us?  Are we praying with repentant hearts?

The display of His power can be seen everywhere.  Look at what He has created.  Look at the changes in lives He makes.  Look at the miracles He performs amongst His people. 

There may be no limit to God’s power, but we often limit it by our unbelief or reluctance to tap into it.  The Lord is able.  All we have to do is believe and let Him release His power in and through us. 

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