Friday, April 7, 2017


Num. 22:38  Balaam replied, “I have come, but I have no power to say anything.  I will speak only the messages that God gives me.”

Oh, but that this would be the response of all who speak in Jesus’ name!  Oh, but that those who proclaim the Word would understand that they dare not speak in Jesus’ name unless they were compelled to by God! 

There are far too many people who preach and teach without being compelled to by God.  There are far too many who take the opportunity to speak for granted.  There are far too many who take advantage of people whom they speak to.  There are far too many who rely on their own wisdom and understanding when they speak.  It is no wonder that the Church has gone soft.  It is no wonder that most churches are nothing more than a social club. 

When God speaks through the messenger, powerful things are said and done.  When God speaks the message is clear.  When God speaks sin and hell are not sugarcoated.  When God speaks holiness is demanded.  When God speaks, only His Word is proclaimed and it’s proclaimed in all its truths about heaven, hell, and life on earth.

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