Monday, April 3, 2017


Num. 16: 10 “……He has given this special ministry only to you and your fellow Levites, but now you are demanding the priesthood as well!  The one you are revolting against is the LORD!  And who is Aaron that you are complaining about him?”

Korah was a Levite and got the notion that Moses and Aaron did not have the right to lead the Israelites any longer.  Korah conspired with Dathan and Abiram to stir up the Israelites against Moses.  They had decided that they wanted what Moses had, the role of leading the Israelites to the Promised Land and being a prophet of God.  They were not satisfied with their role in the Kingdom of God, they wanted more.

God places people in the role He has designed and created them for.  He knows where we fit the best and where we will be the most effective in our service and witness for Him.  He knows what we are not capable of doing and withholds that from us.  Anyone who tries to be and do what they are not designed to do will mess up a lot, fail, or do more harm than good. 

We need to be grateful for the role that we have been given to play in the Kingdom.  We need to do the very best that we can do in our role for the honor and glory of Christ.  We need to let the Lord use us as we are and step out in faith if He were to lead us to do something else.  You can do whatever the Lord asks you to do.  He places us only where we are capable of serving.

Instead of envying those who have different roles to play, we ought to thank the Lord for what they are doing for Him.  We ought to support them with our prayers and encouragement.  We ought to praise the Lord for the good they are doing. 

If you are struggling with jealousy of others who are serving the Lord, take it to the Lord and ask Him to take it away from you and replace it with a grateful heart.

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