Monday, October 3, 2016


I Peter 2:6 As the Scriptures express it, "I am placing a stone in Jerusalem, a chosen cornerstone, and anyone who believes in him will not be disappointed."

A cornerstone is the main stone in the building. It is the first stone laid and must be the best stone it can be. It must be able to withstand the pressure placed upon it by all the other stones without crumbling or cracking. If the cornerstone fails, the rest of the building is in serious jeopardy of falling.

God has chosen Jesus as the cornerstone or our faith. Now we know that God is perfect in knowledge and judgment so it is no mistake Jesus was chosen. Jesus is the perfect one upon which to build all those of faith. He is able to withstand all the pressures placed upon Him without fear of failure. He is able to hold the household of faith together without fear of ever shifting or changing. He is flawless in character and will always be as He always has been so that the household of faith will never have to question His ability to hold us together.

Jesus is the perfect choice to be the cornerstone of our faith and all who believe in Him will not be disappointed. He keeps every promise He makes. He purifies the heart and makes it holy for all who will allow Him to do it. He will supply every need we have, if we let Him. He will enable us to keep steadfast in faith if we let Him. He will help us to resist Satan and overcome sin if we let Him. He will use us as key building blocks in His kingdom if we will let Him. He will take us by the hand and lead us safely home to heaven if we let Him.

The key to Jesus being the cornerstone of faith for us is our giving Him permission to fill that role. He will keep His covenant of grace to us, but not against our will. Don't deny the Lord the opportunity to be your cornerstone of faith. Let Him have His way with you.

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