Monday, August 8, 2016


Heb. 12:28-29 Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be destroyed, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping him with holy fear and awe. For our God is a consuming fire.

The Kingdom of God cannot be destroyed. Therefore, let us approach God with thanksgiving always. Consider this great life Christ has given us in Him. Meditate upon it until you are overwhelmed by it. Let this mysterious life of God’s love fleshed out in you capture your heart. Think much about what it means to have your sins forgiven and forgotten by God. Consider the horrible life Christ has saved you from both here on earth and in all of eternity. Take in the wonder of the workings of God’s grace in you until your soul rises up in great thanksgiving.

We are receiving the Kingdom of God. We don’t have it yet. We are moving towards that day in which it will be ours to claim. The life of faith is a process requiring us to daily walk with the Lord. As long as our hearts are open vessels that can receive the things of God, we will lay hold of the Kingdom some day.

With gratitude in our hearts, let us always strive to please God by living with a worshipful spirit of holy fear and awe. It is good for the soul to live with a deep sense of God’s holiness. We should respect the holiness of God, knowing that no sin will ever enter into His presence. Let the awareness of God’s holiness move you to diligently guard your soul from sin. It is good to have a holy fear of God. If we don’t fear God in His holiness, we will not stand guard over our souls and we will let sin creep in.

We should never lose our sense of awe over who God is. It is good for the soul to dwell on the glory and majesty of God. It is good to consider the greatness of God in power and love. It is good to feast on the absolute perfection of God in all that is good and holy. It is good to feast on the unfathomable mind of God and His eternal life. God is beyond all of our imaginings. We have no real sense of who God really is in all His glory. He gives us only a little glimpse of himself because the human mind cannot comprehend Him. It is good for us to never lose our sense of awe of Him.

God is a consuming fire and all will pass under His fiery gaze. No sin will be kept hidden from Him. He will not be deceived by our righteousness. Only those whose righteousness is Christ will survive His searching gaze. He will not misjudge any soul. All who are in Christ will be with Him forever and ever and all who aren’t in Christ will be in the cesspool of His wrath forever and ever.

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