Friday, August 12, 2016


Heb. 13:7 Remember your leaders who first taught you the word of God. Think of all the good that has come from their lives, and trust the Lord as they do.

Take a couple of minutes and think about those who played a significant role in your spiritual development. It may be a Sunday School teacher, pastor, friend, or family member. Think about the things in their lives that stand out to you as being good. What is there about what they taught you about God that stuck with you? What is there about them that makes you want to be like them?

As you think about those special people in your life, thank the Lord for their role in your life. It isn't an accident that they were a part of who you are today in Christ. The Lord brought them into your life when you needed what they could offer you to help you better understand the things of God.

As you think about them, consider your own life and the impact you are having on others. Ask the Lord to help you to do your part in the good in others' lives. Ask Him to help you be a good example that others can see and appreciate, a life worthy to be followed.

Each of us plays a significant role in the life of others. Let us always strive to be good role models, a people that please the Lord in all things. Let it be said of us that we have been faithful servants of the Lord, both in public and in private. We may not ever know the good we have done, but God does. Live faithfully and obediently and let the Lord use you in His own way for His glory. Great will be your reward in heaven if you do.

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