Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Phil. 4:5 Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember the Lord is coming soon.

Are you a considerate person? Another word for considerate is kindness. It is being aware of how others feel and acting accordingly. It is treating others with respect. It is being willing to sacrifice for others. It is the willingness to alter your own agenda for the sake of others. A considerate person cares about others.

Is it even possible to live in Christ and not be a considerate person? I don't think it can be done. The very nature of Christ is to reach out and touch others. He is always seeking to involve himself in the lives of others and help them simply because He loves them. Jesus is working hard to lift people up and not tear them down. Jesus is compelled by love to do all He can to save us. The more we let Christ become our Lord, the more like Him we become. God's goal is not to save us and then move on to the next person. His goal is to save us and then become our Lord. We are to grow into maturity of faith and become like Jesus, and that means that we will become considerate in all we do.

We dare not mess around and wait before we let Jesus be Lord of our lives. He is coming back soon and then it will be too late. Our opportunity to become like Jesus and do good is now. Let Jesus be seen in you. Show the world that you are a child of God by the way you treat others while there is still time to do it.

Show them the Savior and perhaps by your example some will be saved before Jesus comes.

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