Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Acts 24:25 As he reasoned with them about righteousness and self-control and the judgment to come, Felix was terrified. "Go away for now," he replied. "When it is more convenient, I'll call for you again."

The Apostle Paul was making his defense before Felix and the Roman counsel. He spoke clearly of life and the hand of God in it. He shared what the Lord had done in his life and how those who were against him were defying God's obvious witness. Paul gave a very clear message on the righteousness and self-control only found in the living Christ. He warned those in attendance of God's impending judgment.

Felix took to heart what Paul said and it terrified him. He knew enough about what Paul was saying to know that it was all true. He also knew that his own heart was not right with God. The Holy Spirit had gotten to him and he was very troubled. Like the Gospel song puts it so well, "Almost persuaded now to believe; almost persuaded Christ to receive."

Yet Felix did not embrace Christ. He put it off for some more convenient day. I remember what it was like being in Felix's shoes. I did not always respond to the urging of the Holy Spirit. I, too, believed but wanted to commit myself to the Lord when it was more convenient for me to do so.

We are not told if Felix ever had another opportunity to be saved. I hope he did, but the chances are good that he probably didn't. Or, if he did, the chances are good that he did not sense the urging of the Spirit again like he did that day.

We don't know how long we will live. We don't know how many more opportunities we will have in life to come to the Lord. We don't know if we will ever again feel the persuasive voice of God calling us into fellowship with Him. If you do not know Jesus as your Savior, accept Him now. Some more convenient day may never come for you. Today is the day of salvation. Don't let it pass you by.

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