Friday, August 21, 2015


Acts 16:6-7 Next Paul and Silas traveled through the area of Phrygia and Galatia, because the Holy Spirit had told them to go into the province of Asia at that time. Then coming to the borders of Mysia, they headed for the province of Bithynia, but again the Spirit of Jesus did not let them go.

Paul and Silas were on the road serving the Lord. They were going from place to place preaching and teaching the Word. They were doing it because the Lord had clearly shown them that they were to do it. They went where they knew the Spirit was leading them to go.

It is important that in our service to the Lord that we remain sensitive to the voice of God so that we will be in the right place doing the right thing at the right time. So often, we plunge ahead like a bull in the china closet. We often make the decision as to where we will be and what we will be doing. I suspect that there are far too many people in the church who are busy doing the work of the Lord without being sent by the Lord to do it. Are you sure that what you are doing is the Lord's leading on your life and not your own?

Paul and Silas were so in tune with the Spirit that when He prevented them from going where the Lord didn't want them to go, they recognized it and didn't go.

It is important that we don't force doors open that the Lord has shut. There are good reasons why sometimes the Lord says no. We must be humble and wise enough to listen to God's nos. Far too often we stubbornly push our way ahead. The result always is that we hinder or damage the cause of Christ.

Are you doing what the Lord wants you to do, or are you doing what you want to do and then expect Him to put His stamp of approval on it? Only when we align ourselves up with God's will are we able to be who He wants and needs us to be in His work on earth.

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