Monday, June 8, 2015

How do you spend your Sabbath Day?

Luke 6:5 And Jesus added, “I, the Son of Man, am master even of the Sabbath.”

Who is Lord of our Sabbath? Think about it for a moment. Take a look at what you do on the Lord's Day on a regular basis. What you do says a lot about who is Lord of your Sabbath Day. Do you spend most of your time rejuvenating your soul or do you spend it exhausting your soul?

  The Lord instituted a day of rest for us in our week because He knows how exhausting life can be and our tendency to fill our days up with exhausting activities. He knows that we are prone to focus more on our activities than we are our souls. He knows that left to ourselves, we would not be spiritually refreshed enough to survive spiritually. So much of our spiritual struggles stem from our lack of proper attention to our souls on the Lord's Day.

 In order to get the most from the Lord's Day, we need to stop doing all the things we do the other days of the week. We need to refuse to use the day to "catch up" on all the things we do not find time for the rest of the week. We need to make a real effort at letting the Lord be our focus and purify our souls before Him. If Jesus is not the Lord of your Sabbath Day, you are missing out on the best of what the Lord has for you. You are depriving your soul of essential time with the Lord that you need for spiritual growth. You are depriving others of seeing you at your best instead of your worst. You are settling for far from the best of what the Lord wants to do in your life.

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