Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Count the Cost

Luke 9:51 As the time drew near for his return to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.

I have always been struck by Jesus' determination to do God's will. He knew what awaited Him in Jerusalem. He knew better than what we do what price He was going to have to pay for our sins. He knew that this was something that no one could do for Him. He knew the full extent of the physical, and more importantly, spiritual suffering He would have to endure. He had counted the cost of His obedience to God's will, and determined that He would let nothing keep Him from carrying it out. Submission and obedience to God's will often comes with a price.

The Lord does not promise us an easy road to heaven. It is not a pathway to heaven that many can travel successfully. It is filled with a lot of trials and tribulations. There are many obstacles that must be overcome along the way. Satan will throw everything he can at us to hinder us or get us off the road. Many of us will suffer greatly for getting on board. Those who claim that accepting Jesus as their Savior will have an easy road to heaven filled with nothing but the blessings of earthly life do not understand properly Biblical truth. Those blessings may come our way, but then they may not. We don't get on board with Jesus for the "good life."

If we were more honest with people in our teaching and preaching perhaps there would be less people abandoning the faith along the way. We need to warn others that there is a price to pay and that we need to count the cost before we surrender our lives over to the Lord. It is the loving and merciful thing to do. We do well in telling people about the price to pay for continuing to live in sin, but rarely talk about the price to pay for living in faith.

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