Saturday, June 20, 2015

Details. Details

Luke 10:41-42 But the Lord said to her, "My dear Martha, you are so upset over all these details! There is really only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it--and I won't take it away from her."

Details, Details. Many of us are very concerned about the details of things. We get so wrapped up in them that we lose sight of the bigger picture and often fail to do well what we set out to do. Details are important, but when they become more important than the whole, we get into trouble.

What I believe Jesus is saying here to us is that we need to strive to be more a people of grace than perfection. When we insist that everything has to be done "just so" we are limiting what God wants to do in and through us. We must strive to do things right before God while still allowing for the fact that we are not perfect and never will be. We need to give ourselves, and others, permission to mess up.

Martha was so caught up in the doing that she missed the being. Mary was more concerned about Jesus and His presence. She understood that being with Jesus was all that mattered at the moment. Martha wanted to make sure that everything was done before she worshipped and all that mattered at the moment to Mary was Jesus.

Jesus made it very clear that Mary's way was the better way. We must learn to keep our eyes focused on the Lord. He is far more important than anything else we may think we have to do. The whole purpose of serving is to honor and glorify Christ. Don't get so caught up in the doing that you forget why you are doing it.

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