Thursday, November 13, 2014

Isaiah 49:16a "See, I have written your name on my hand....."

Is. 49:16a  “See, I have written your name on my hand…”

What an awesome sentence to latch onto!  Think about it for a few moments.  Hold your hand up so you can see it with the palm facing towards you.  If you have a pen or pencil handy, write your name on your palm.  Now imagine that the ink you used was a permanent marker that could not be erased.  There your name is for you to see every time you look at your hand.  The Lord has written your name on His hand, not with ink, but with the blood of Christ at Calvary.

You are always on the Lord’s mind.  You are never forgotten.  You are always known by God.  Not only does He know your name, He knows your heart.  He has you in the palm of His hand to always protect you.  He never lets you out of His sight.  He holds you close so that He is always available to minister to your needs.  He wants you to always know that He will never leave you or forsake you wherever you may go.  He will never wander away and leave you behind.  He will never let you get outside the reaches of His hand.  He has you close to His heart at all times to love and cherish you. 

The Lord has written YOUR name on His hand.  He will cover you up when Satan tries to attack you so you won’t get hurt.  He will always have His hand under you so that you won’t fall out of His sight.  He looks upon you with His loving heart and always breathes into you afresh the breath of life. 

Your name has special meaning to Him.  He made you special and unique.  You were put together with love and tender care.  He has never stopped looking at you with love.  Life may have been very hard on you, but He loves you.  You may have done some very bad and stupid things, but He looks at you with tender love.  You may see yourself as unworthy and even worthless, but He sees you as worth dying for.  He holds in His hand all who have been washed in the shed blood of Christ at Calvary.  He clothes us in His righteousness and sees our sins no more.  We are not who we were; we are now His precious children who have been made into a new creation for His glory and honor. 

Your name is written on His hand with the precious blood of Jesus.  You will never be out of His mind or His heart.  The Lord always is watchful over you and will hold you close until the day you arrive home to be with Him forever.  Praise His holy name!

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