Sunday, November 30, 2014

Is. 64:6 We are all infected and impure with sin.

Is. 64:6  We are all infected and impure with sin.  When we proudly display our righteous deeds, we find they are but filthy rags.  Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall.  And our sins, like the wind, sweep us away.

Sin drives us away from God and keeps us away from Him.  Sin clouds our thinking and causes us to think we are good enough for God on our own and as we are.  Sin is like a cancer cell in the soul.  If left untreated it multiplies and soon takes over by destroying the good cells of righteousness.  If not caught in time it cannot be treated.  There is nothing good about sin left unattended to in the soul.

Sin must not be left untreated.  It will suck the life right out of the soul.  It will so alienate the soul from God that there is no more joy or peace for living.  There is no such thing as an “innocent sin.”  There is no such thing as a little sin.  Sin is sin and must be dealt with in order for there to be peace with God.  Some have the idea that because we live in grace and are children of God, it doesn’t matter, that we don’t have to concern ourselves with the sin that creeps into the soul.  But, it does matter!  God commands us to be a holy people, a people after His own heart.  We cannot be holy before God while harboring sin in our hearts.

Don’t put off dealing with sin.  Humble yourself before Christ, confess it, and ask Him to forgive you.  He will do it, but only if you ask Him to.  He will not force forgiveness on you.  And, He will not forgive you if you only partially give Him your sin.  You must open your heart up to Him and give Him permission to come in and clean house, every sin lodged there. 

It doesn’t do any good to try and hide some sin from Him.  The Lord knows your heart and every sin there.  You may deny that there is any sin there, but both you and the Lord know better.  We are all guilty of sin.  No one lives a sin-free life.  We all sin and fall short of God’s perfect law.  We all need our Savior.  We all need His righteousness and a soul free from sin.

A heart right with God is one who humbly knows he needs Christ’s forgiveness and turns to Him for it.  It is impossible to be good enough to not need forgiveness.

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