Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is. 45:22-23 For I am God; there is no other.

Is. 45:22-23  “Let all the world look to me for salvation!  For I am God; there is no other.  I have sworn by my own name, and I will never go back on my word.  Every knee will bow to me, and every tongue will confess allegiance to my name.”

People look everywhere for salvation.  They try all sort of things to convince themselves that they are right with God.  They come up with all kind of ideas as to what salvation really means.  There is very little consensus as to what is the best or right way to find God.  There are many paths that man travel on to God, but there is only way that gets us to God, it is the way of the cross. 

Part of the reason why there are so many different ideas about how to be saved is because there are so many different ideas out there about God.  Only in the Scriptures do we find God declaring who He is.  The Scriptures make it very clear who God is.  God shouts the message loud and clear over and over again, “I am God and there is no other.”  God does not give any us any leeway regarding how we can draw near to Him.  Jesus is the way to God.  Period.  Only those who come to Jesus humbly, broken over their sins, confess them, and ask Him for forgiveness will be saved.  No one will see God except through a heart connection with Jesus.  It doesn’t matter what man thinks about it; Jesus is THE way, truth and life and no one will know God apart from Him. 

God always keeps His word.  What He declares happens and He makes it very clear that every knee will bow before Him and confess allegiance to Him.  Everyone will be humbled before Him and declare that He is God, Lord of life.  There is coming a day in which no one will deny that He is God.  No matter how strongly one may declare today that He is not God or that He cannot be known in the heart, they will acknowledge that God is exactly who He reveals himself to be.  You will bow before Him and declare Him to be Lord.  Whether it be by your own will or by the will of God, you will declare that He is Lord.

Dear friend, don’t be a fool.  Don’t wait until you will be forced to declare that Jesus is Lord.  Turn to Him now and know that He is Lord.  When you bow before God on Judgment Day, it will be way too late to save your soul.  Today is the day of salvation; tomorrow may never come for you.  If you die without Jesus being your Lord, you will be without Him for all of eternity.  Is Jesus your Lord today?

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