Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reverence for the Lord is the foundation for wisdom.

Ps. 111:10 Reverence for the LORD is the foundation of true wisdom. The rewards of wisdom come to all who obey him.

Do you want wisdom so that you can live rightly before God? If so, it begins with reverence for the Lord. We must be in awe of who God is. The Lord cannot be contained by our thoughts of Him. He is not limited by what we know of Him. He is much greater than the creation He created. All that exists came into being by the utterance of His word. He said it, it was, and it still is. God is the essence of all things good and holy. He is governed by His holiness and driven by His love. It is the Lord who did the impossible; He set us free from sin’s death grip on us and forever removed our sins from us, to be remembered no more. Wise is he who understands these things and bows before God in worship.

God rewards those who obey Him. If you desire to live within the blessings of God, obey Him. When we obey the Lord we do it without picking and choosing what we will or will not do. We will obey the Lord in all things. Selective obedience is no obedience at all. Whatever the Lord instructs and commands us to do, we strive to do it. Great is the reward of those who have enough reverence and respect for the Lord that they submit to His authority over them and obey Him. Empty are the words of those who declare their ove for the Lord and do not obey Him.

Revere the Lord and you will be find true wisdom. Wise are those who obey the Lord. Great are the rewards of those who find true wisdom.

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