Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life goes by so quickly. Prepare to die.

Ps. 103:15-17 Our days on earth are like grass, like wildflowers, we bloom and die. The wind blows, and we are gone--as though we had never been here.

Look around you. People are dying every day. We are not invincible. We, like them, are going to die too. Life goes by so quickly. I look back over my life and I can’t believe that so many years have gone by now. I can still remember some of the living I did as a child growing up. I can remember some of the seemingly insurmountable circumstances of my life. I can remember my struggles of faith over the years. I can remember some of my doubts and fears. Many of the things that seemed so important to me in the past are long done and over with. I have done so much living and I scarcely have realized it.

Life does not stand still for anyone. We are born, live, and then die. What we do while we are living is soon forgotten. Our names may linger, but soon no one knows who we really are. We try to live in such a way that we are appreciated and remembered, but to no avail. Our names etched on a tombstone are the only reminder that we have lived. We become nothing more than a note in our family genealogy record.

When we live for earthly recognition or achievements, life indeed seems so futile. If life is nothing more than a name to be written down somewhere for others to note, then Solomon is right, “Vanity of vanities, life is but vanity.”

But, when our names are written down in God’s Book of Life, life is not vain. Life does have purpose and meaning. We are not soon forgotten. God etches His name on our hearts and we forever will be known as a child of God. We are not just a memory, we become a legacy. Because of our living in Christ, we impact people for generations to come. We let our lights shine and many will come to the Light because of us. We do not die and are soon forgotten. We live and are forever known by God and His children as we live forever with Him.

The Lord gives us this life so that we can prepare for life to come. We can spend our days squandering our opportunities and wasting our lives away, or we can live in Christ and impact our world for all of eternity. The Lord has given you a chance to bring many others to heaven with you when you die. You will do it if you live in obedience to Him each day of your life. You may not know who all will be in heaven because of the life you live, but someday you will.

Seize the day of opportunity while you have it, because soon it will be gone. We have but one opportunity to live in Christ and prepare for eternity. Don’t waste it. It goes by way too quickly.

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