Friday, July 28, 2017


I Chron. 16:12  “Think of the wonderful works he has done, the miracles, and the judgments he handed down.”

There are three things that should be on our minds: the wonderful works of God, the miracles of God, and the judgments of God.  When we think about these things, our hearts are turned to God and we can then stay in fellowship with Him.

Everything God does is wonderful.  Think about it.  Can you name anything that God has done that is not wonderful?  We observe life in the past and we discover that no matter what God allowed to happen, there was a wonderful purpose and plan for it.  Life as we now know it would not be possible if it were not for those who lived the lives they did in the past.  Everything of the past has worked together to make the present possible.  And life lived now is part of what the future holds for those who follow us.  God is working out His plan of redemption.  He is preparing the way for all who would be saved to be saved for heaven.  O, the wonder of it all!  Everything God does is wonderful!

We should never take for granted or fail to remember the many miracles of God.  They are everywhere for us to behold.  From birth to death, life is a miraculous experience.  Within life we have the opportunity to know God!  We have the opportunity to be used of God.  We have the opportunity to witness God at work in us: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

We should never forget that God is a god of judgment as well as mercy and grace.  God has a deep passionate hatred for sin.  He has judged those who have lived in it in the past severely.  He judges those today who are living in it.  And He shall judge all who follow us severely for lives lived in sin.  All sin will be exposed and judged on Judgment Day.  No one will get away with anything.  We dare not forget that God is holy and will never tolerate sin in His presence.

Think about these things: God’s works, His miracles, and His judgments.  Let your thoughts turn to the Lord.  Let your heart reach out to Him and embrace Him for He alone is worthy of your heart’s passions.  Let your heart swell up in praise and thanksgiving as you consider this great God we serve.

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