Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I Kings 18:22 Then Elijah said to them, “I am the only prophet of the LORD who is left, but Baal has 450 prophets.”

       Maybe you can relate to how Elijah felt. Here was a man of God who simply felt like he was the only one standing up for God. He was seemingly always on the spot. He was known as a man of God, but few seemingly cared for God. He was being singled out and confronted because of his faith. Elijah would not back down; he remained strong in faith wherever he went. His witness was strong, even in the midst of being intimidated to the point of death. Elijah was weary of it all and made it known that he was the only one around who was faithful to the Lord. He was surrounded by a multitude of people who were opposed to him because of his faith.

       Sometimes we get tired and weary because we too think we are the only witness the Lord has around us. Even though we know better, we sometimes feel like there is no other believer around whom we can have fellowship with. Satan wants us to feel sorry for ourselves. He wants us to feel isolated. He wants us to think more about ourselves than those around us.

      He knows that as long as he has us thinking about ourselves, we won’t be concerned about the soul needs around us. We won’t be reaching out in ministry to others. We won’t be praying for those who would persecute us or those who are in need amongst us.

      There are two things to do to get out of from under this kind of a mood: first, ask the Lord to show you other believers who are around you; and secondly, ask the Lord to change your heart from being self-centered to other-centered. The Lord has other witnesses for Him in your world and He will make that known to you if you ask Him to.

      The Lord wants to love others through you. He wants you to reach out to the hurting around you and bring them the hope we have in Christ. He wants you to stand in the gap and be His witness to the lost in your world. Satan is a liar; you are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.

       Don’t let Satan silence your witness for Christ in your world. Stand strong in faith and take Christ to the needy souls all around you. People you know are waiting for you to step up to the plate and give them hope. Will you do it?

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