Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Ex. 24:3  When Moses had announced to the people all the teachings and regulations the LORD had given him, they answered in unison, “We will do everything the LORD has told us to do.”

What really strikes me about the Israelites statement is how shallow it really was.  Moses had just given to the people all the things God had told him.  God had given the people clear direction on how to live lives that were pleasing to Him.  He assured them that if they lived life His way they would be blessed by Him and taken care of.

The Israelites had just witnessed God’s display of power and heard His voice at Mt. Sinai.  They knew beyond any doubt that God was near and how they should respond to Him.  They vowed as one that they would obey God and do everything that He had told them to do.  Yet, we read on and within days they went back on their word to Him and worshiped at the feet of the golden calf Aaron had made for them while Moses us up on the mountain to get further instruction from the Lord.

It is not good enough to pledge our allegiance to God; we must do what we say we will do.  Mouthing words don’t mean a thing if they don’t result in actions.  When we tell the Lord we will stop doing a particular sin and keep on doing it, we go deeper into sin and things only get worse between us and the Lord.  When we vow to do something for the Lord and don’t follow up on it, we are worse off than we were before. 

Take seriously what you vow to do before the Lord.  He hears your vows and holds you accountable for them.  When you do not keep your vows, it is sin and draws you away from God.  Remember, God knows your thoughts and hears your words.  He demands that you be a person of integrity and keeps your vows to Him.  God doesn’t just ignore what you say to Him and pretend like it doesn’t matter.  Do what you say you will do and God will bless you for it. 

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