Monday, March 20, 2017


Num. 5:5-6  Then the LORD said to Moses, “Give these instructions to the people of Israel: if any of my people—men or women—betray the LORD by doing wrong to another person, they are guilty.  They must confess their sin……

God gave the Israelites clear instructions on how they ought to relate to Him and to one another.  He made it clear that if they did not live life His way, there were consequences to pay; they would be guilty of sin.

Have you ever been wronged by another person?  Have you ever wronged another person?  If so, God declares that it is sin.  It always has been God’s desire that His children get along with one another.  In Romans Paul emphasizes the point very clearly saying that as far as it is possible within us to do, we ought to get along with others.  It is not conducive to unity in the Church when we let our differences divide us.  Yet, we do it all the time.  Is it any wonder that the world has a hard time taking the Church too seriously?  If we can’t resolve our differences in a Christ-honoring way amongst ourselves, why would those outside the Church think that the Church can help them?

It is sinful and shameful the way the Church has treated one another.  We need to admit our sin before God and confess them to Him.  There will be no genuine peace in the Church unless we do.  Sure, we will have our differences, but we should never let our differences keep us from loving one another and serving together to bring Christ the honor and glory He so richly deserves.  We need to simply agree to disagree agreeably and get on with the Master’s business, reaching souls for Him and discipling them.

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