Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Gen. 22:18 "….and through your descendants, all nations of the earth will be blessedall because you have obeyed me."

Abraham did the unthinkable. He had just willingly laid his son Isaac down on an altar to sacrifice him to the Lord. For all intents and purposes, Isaac was no more. Abraham had given him to the Lord because that is what God had demanded of him. It was at the very last moment that God stayed the hand of Abraham and spared Isaac’s life.

How willing are we to give to the Lord our all? Are we willing to let go of anything the Lord asks of us? Perhaps the Lord has called your son or daughter to go across the world to serve Him. Perhaps the Lord has called your child to do things that you are uncomfortable with or does not fit into your plans for your child. Perhaps the Lord is calling your spouse to do something that you don’t want to do. Are you willing to lay your all on the altar and let the Lord have it all?

The Lord blessed the world because Abraham obeyed God and willingly gave his all to Him. We have no idea what the Lord wants to do through our children. They may rise up and have worldwide influence, or they may just impact a very few amount of people for Christ. The point is that we may very well hinder a mighty work of God in our children’s lives by our unwillingness to let go of them and entrust them to the Lord’s care. We may ultimately be a great stumbling block for the salvation of many souls if we withhold from Him our all.

Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid, or are you holding something back from Him? It may not be your children. Are you withholding any part of you from the Lord? You will never be who God wants you to be until you give Him your all. The Lord blesses greatly those who give Him all of their heart, mind and soul.

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