Friday, July 1, 2016


Philemon 4 I always thank God when I pray for you, Philemon......

Praying for others is a good thing. We ought to be praying for one another. Who is not in the need of prayer? I know I am. We do pray for others, especially when they are in need. But what about those times in which they are not in need? Do we think to pray for others just because they come to our minds and we want God to bless them? It seems to me that we ought to pray for one another often. We don't know what is going on in someone's life at the moment they come to mind. Perhaps they are in great need but have not told anyone about it. Some of us are private by nature and do not want to share our struggles. It might very well be that our unsolicited prayers may make a huge difference in someone's life. There is always a good reason why the Lord brings people to our minds.

Thanking the Lord for others is a good thing. We all need to be encouraged and appreciated. There is no better way to show it than to pray for one another with thanksgiving. I can't help but believe that it warms the heart of God when His children are mentioned in prayer with thanksgiving. When was the last time you paused and just thanked the Lord for someone? It's not too hard to thank Him for people we know and love, but what about those we don't know, disagree with or don't like? Daily thanking the Lord for someone is good for the soul.

We often find the Apostle Paul thanking the Lord for people. It would do us well to follow His example. It is very hard to stay at odds with those we thank the Lord for. In fact, I would suggest that when you do find yourself having problems with someone that you stop and give thanks to the Lord for them and do it often. Most issues that we have with one another will soon fade away and the peace of God will rule our lives and govern our relationships.

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