Monday, July 4, 2016


Heb. 2:3 What makes us think that we can escape if we are indifferent to this great salvation that was announced by the Lord Jesus himself?

Indifference to the Gospel is the death keel of the soul. It is a very dangerous thing to not take the provisions of God for our salvation seriously. Most who believe will accept with their minds that Jesus is man’s salvation, but they don’t accept Him with their hearts. It is not what we believe about Jesus that saves the soul. Only a life commitment to Him through the repentance of our sins saves us from an eternity in hell.

I believe this is an issue that all believers need to take to heart as well. Many who profess faith in Christ are indifferent to the Gospel message. They do not conform to the image of Christ. They do not let the Spirit of Christ work in them to change them into godliness of heart. They do not engage themselves in spiritual disciplines that create growth in godliness. They treat their salvation as a trivial matter. How can God be pleased and accept those who are indifferent to their salvation?

How can we expect to escape God’s consequences if we neglect salvation? For those without Christ, the consequence is eternity in hell where they will forever think about what they have done. For the believer the consequence is a miserable life lived on earth. There will many battles fought and lost with Satan. There will a constant tension between the Lord and the heart that is not totally committed to Him. There will be life lived without the blessings of God, no peace or joy in their salvation. There will be a life lived that is stunted and of no real use in the work of the Kingdom.

If you are indifferent to your salvation, repent now while you can. Ask the Lord to break the chains of your indifference. Ask Him to purify your heart and give you a passion for the things of God. God’s favor rests upon those who regard their salvation as first importance in their lives.

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