Wednesday, May 4, 2016



I Thess. 5:22 Keep away from every kind of evil.

Let's be honest with ourselves today. We don't do the best of jobs with staying away from evil things. We know we can't avoid it entirely because we live in an evil world. But, how hard do we really try? Do we deliberately not go where we know there will be sinful activities? Do we not linger and watch what we know to be sinful? Do we avoid evil conversations (talk laced with bad language, sexual overtones, gossip, etc.)? Do we entertain ourselves with stuff that we know are not good for our souls? We must take responsibility for protecting our souls and minds from evil if we want to stay pure in God's eyes. Our failure to do so boils down to the will. We can do it, if we want to do it. The next time you are in the presence of evil, pause to ask yourself if you would linger there if Jesus were physically standing beside you. And remember, although He may not be with you physically, He is there with you. He sees all and knows all, including your deepest thoughts and motives.

We will stumble and fall down, but we can control a lot of our stumbling and falling. All we have to do is say no to the evil we are confronted with in our lives. We can stay away from those things and places that would lead us into temptation. We are responsible for protecting our souls from evil. How well are you doing? You have no one to blame but yourself when you sin. And, God will blame no one but you when you sin.

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