Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I Tim. 3:2 For an elder must be a man whose life cannot be spoken against. He must be faithful to his wife. He must exhibit self-control, live wisely, and have a good reputation. He must enjoy having guests in his home and must be able to teach.

There are many reasons why the church selects people to lead them, and many of them have nothing to do with God’s standards for election. We select people on the basis of personality, power, position in life, family connections, etc. Most of the time spiritual maturity is not the main factor in why certain people are selected to serve in the church.

An elder is a leader in the church. He is one who shows in-depth spiritual qualities. His life is consistent with his profession of faith. He is one who is known for his godliness. He is not hypocritical, but consistently applies Biblical truth to his living within the church and community in which he lives. An elder has high moral standards. He is loyal always to his wife and does not waver in his love and commitment to her. An elder displays spiritual fruit in his life. He is not hot-headed. He has control of his emotions and does not react before thinking. He is not foolish in the way he lives, knowing the value of time and using it wisely. He takes an interest in others and is not reluctant to entertain them in his home. He is mature enough in faith that he is able to teach others.

The church that takes the spiritual maturity of her leaders seriously is a church that grows spiritually. There will be strong emphasis on Biblical teaching and making disciples. She is a church that holds her leaders accountable for godly living. She is a church blessed by God.

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