Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I Cor. 15:50 What I am saying, dear brothers and sisters, is that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. These perishable bodies of ours are not able to live forever.

No amount of will power or money is going to stop the aging process. God has ordained a certain amount of time on earth and then we die. We don't know how much time we have; it is hidden in the mind of God. It is why we dare not squander the time we do have. We can't assume we know and wait to the ending of our lives to do what is right before God. We can't pretend it doesn't matter how we live. Each of us is going to die on God's appointed day and when that day arrives, it will be too late to change how we have lived.

We are not going to take our earthly bodies with us when we die. Our flesh and bones will lie in the grave and return to the dust from which we came. We are spiritual beings encased in the flesh and when we die we will take on our spiritual bodies. There is a body that is fit for heaven, and one that is fit for hell.

We need to be careful which body we give more attention to in this life. If we spend all of our energy on keeping our earthly bodies in good shape and fail to keep our spiritual bodies in good shape, we have lived foolishly. Of far greater value to us is our spiritual bodies. Our souls will not die. We will live in the spirit forever. What we do now on earth determines where we will live in eternity and how well we will live. You control what type of life you will live forever. Heaven or hell? It's your choice.

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