Tuesday, December 29, 2015


II Cor. 10:13 But we will not boast of authority we do not have. Our goal is to stay within the boundaries of God's plan for us, and this plan includes our working there with you.

Life would be so much simpler and easier if we would learn to stay within the boundaries of God's plan for us. Instead, we plunge ahead like a bull in a china closet. We give little thought to making sure that what we do is indeed what God wills for us. We plunge into careers and ministries that often we are not suited for. We tackle things that we are not equipped for. We don't bother to take the time to wait before the Lord for His instructions and direction.

The Apostle Paul knew exactly what he was to do each step of his life. He was certain of his calling and would not let himself do anything but what God had called him to do, in spite of all the hardships he endured because of it. For Paul it was far better to obey God than to be comfortable in life. Paul was a preacher and instructor of the things of God. He was well grounded in the Scriptures and under God's direction, expounded on them in word and his writings. He never went outside the perimeters of what God revealed to him.

Paul did not exploit others; he did not use his position as a founding father of the church to rule people. He humbly served the church. He bathed all he did in prayer and lovingly presented the Gospel message wherever he went. He never backed down from or compromised the truth he proclaimed. His only desire in life was to do all he did for the honor and glory of God.

It would do us well to follow Paul's example. Let us strive always to be in the center of God's will for us. Let us not stray from it and seek God's honor and glory in all things as we walk amongst man. Let us preach and teach the Word of God that others may learn of God and be saved. Let us admonish others to live holy lives and be a people fit for heaven.

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