Sunday, May 10, 2015

Does God need to prove himself to be God?

Mark 8:11 When the Pharisees heard that Jesus had arrived, they came to argue with him. Testing him to see if he was from God, they demanded. "Give us a miraculous sign from heaven to prove yourself."

There always has been and always will people in the church who want to argue over one’s beliefs. They tend to want to prove that what they believe is true and that others are wrong. I used to be one of them. I just knew that I had the corner on understanding and that there was no room for anyone else to think differently than I did. I expected everyone to read the Scriptures with the same understanding that I had. I no longer am so foolish. Arguing over details of understanding is a waste of time and energy. Seldom does arguing over particular points of the faith accomplish anything other than drive a deeper wedge between people. We simply have to learn to agree to disagree agreeably and move on for the glory of Christ.

These religious leaders demanded that Jesus prove He was from God. I think that we sometimes do the same thing. We get along fine with the Lord as long as things go well for us, but when things go sour, we begin to waver in our confidence in Him. After all, if He loved us, we wouldn’t have to suffer, right? The worse things get, the more demanding we get. We insist that the Lord prove himself and if He doesn’t, we often doubt Him and some even walk away from Him.

Jesus is the same in all our struggles and sorrows as He is in our good times. He does not change who He is just because our circumstances change. He is God. He is the same source of love, comfort, strength, wisdom, peace, and righteousness as He always has been. Don’t let the changing tides of your life shake your confidence in the Lord. You can trust Him always.

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