Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Micah 2:6 Listen to God's warnings!


Micah 2:6  “Don’t say such things,” the people say.  “Don’t prophecy like that.  Such disasters will never ome our way!”

Like many before Him, Micah was warning people of their impending doom because of their sin.  He was trying to convince them that they needed to return to God before they felt the wrath of God.  God declared that judgment was coming, but the people were not listening.  They were not willing to admit that they were needing to be held accountable for their rebellion against God.  They were in denial and wanted Micah to stop his preaching.

Things are much the same today as they were in Micah’s day.  God has raised up many voices to declare that judgment is coming.  The warnings are loud and clear, “Repent!  The day of our salvation is now!”  God is love and He is merciful, but He is also holy and He will not let sin run rampant indefinitely.  No one is going to escape their Judgment Day.  No one is going to get away with rejecting God and living in sin.

There are many voices, inside and outside the church, who are trying to silence God’s modern day prophets.  People don’t want to hear messages of judgment and accountability.  They don’t want to hear of a God who will not embrace them in love just the way they are.  So many are proclaiming the message of God’s love and ignoring His message of holiness.

The reality is that God has not changed.  He is holy love.  He loves us and desires that all will repent and have a relationship with Him.  But, God cannot have a relationship with an unholy people.  He has shown us clearly the way of life that pleases Him and when we refuse to live it, He will honor our choices but hold us accountable for them. 

Certain disaster is coming to the earth.  God is going to take the righteous out of the world so that they don’t have to live through the mess that is coming.  God is going to rid the world of sin once and for all.  All who reject Him will end up in hell for all of eternity.  Saying it isn’t so won’t change a thing.  God has declared it’s going to happen regardless of how we may feel about it.

Are you ready for your Judgment Day?

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