Saturday, December 6, 2014

Is. 66:6 What is that terrible noise from the Temple?

Is. 66:6  What is all the commotion in the city?  What is that terrible noise from the Temple?  It is the voice of the LORD taking vengeance against his enemies.

Have you given any thought to what kind of noise the Lord is going to make in His house?  Think about it.  The Temple takes on two forms today: the church and the believer.  We are compelled to ask, “Is there anything in the church or us that may cause God to take vengeance on us?  Is there sin in the house?  I believe we need to take a serious look at ourselves and answer the question.

What is behind the things we do?  Do we embrace all who embrace Christ as Savior, or do we shun some?  Do we seek to grow in grace and our knowledge of Him, or do we become complacent and satisfied with the status quo?  Do we seek to justify ourselves, or do we allow the Lord freedom to work in our midst and ourselves?

The Lord is coming to judge the earth and the church as well.  Many who believe they will escape God’s wrath won’t.  Many churches will be left behind when Jesus comes because of their defiant stand against Biblical truth and the way they handle the truth.  Many will realize too late that there is only one Lord of the church, Jesus Christ.  It is not too late to repent.  But we must do it now, for today is the day of salvation.  When the Lord comes back, it will be too late.  He calls those making all the noise His enemies.

God spoke to Elijah in the quietness.  It was in the quietness that Elijah was able to hear God’s voice.  There is very little quietness in the church and in our lives today.  We seem to be bent on drowning out God’s voice.  We surround ourselves with noise to the point where we get nervous in the quiet.  It makes me wonder if all the noise is meant to keep us from hearing from God like we should.  I suspect that many of us do not want to hear God speak because we know that He would speak to us of sin.  We entertain ourselves with the noise in the hopes that God won’t get too close to us.  We try to keep Him at arm’s length so that we don’t have to repent and change.  Much of the noise we surround ourselves with is terrible and the noise the Lord will make when He cleans house will be terrible.

God will not be mocked.  He will judge sin in the church and in our lives.  We must quiet ourselves before Him and let Him have His way with us.  The Lord will wait only so long before He takes vengeance on His enemies, those who live in sin and mock His holy name.

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