Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Is. 65:6 Before man was ever created, God knew that most would reject Him.

Is. 65:6  “Look, my decree is written in front of me; I will not stand silent; I will repay them to the full!  Yes!  I will repay them.”

The Lord is speaking here to the Israelites.  He is warning them about what to expect when He is ignored.  The Lord will not stand silent.  He will mete out justice when man sins against Him.  The Lord may seem to be silent while the world is living in sin, but be assured, He will judge sin in the world.  The Lord has never failed to keep His Word and never will.  No one gets away with sinning against God.  NO ONE.

Before man was ever created, God knew that most would reject Him.  He knew that there would be those who would follow after the wickedness of their hearts and spurn Him.  He decreed in heaven that those who reject Him and lived in sin would pay in full the price for their rebellion.  Because the Lord loves us He created us with the freedom to accept or reject His love.  He longed for a people who would love Him in response to His love.  He has so much love to give and considered man was worth the investment of His love.  Yet, because He is holy He cannot ignore the sinful heart.  He cannot accept into His presence any sin whatsoever.  Those who live and die in sin must spend eternity in hell for man’s soul never dies. 

The next time you are tempted to sin, remember this truth.  The Lord knows all about every sin you commit or propose to commit.  He knows every sin in your heart and mind and He holds you responsible for them.  The only way you are going to avoid paying the price for them is through the shed blood of Christ on the cross.  You have no hope for God’s mercy apart from the righteousness of Christ given to you on the cross.  Jesus is the only way you can be forgiven and avoid God’s wrath against your sin.

If you know Jesus today as your Savior, praise Him for His salvation and for protecting you from God’s judgment.  If Jesus is not your Savior, run to Him right now while you can.  Confess your sins before Him and ask Him for His forgiveness.  He will forgive anyone who comes to Him with a sincere heart.

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